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Performer Conditions of Use and Privacy Statement

  1. Introduction

    Arbo Unie is protecting your privacy and is doing so in accordance with current privacy legislation and regulations.

    When filling in the online survey, you will share personal information with Arbo Unie. We understand that you do not want to share your data just like that; especially when your information is related to your health. Arbo Unie therefore carefully monitors the recording and processing of data. Arbo Unie would like to inform you about who we are, which of your data we process and why, and how we ensure your privacy within Performer.

    These Conditions of Use and Privacy Statement (from now on called ‘User Conditions’) apply to Performer of Arbo Unie.

  2. Who are we?

    We are Arbo Unie B.V. (“Arbo Unie”). We are the data controller for your personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Arbo Unie is an independent market leader in business healthcare and is 100% owned by Stichting Arbo Unie The Netherlands. This means that we are not dependent on investors and we can guarantee our independence. It also ensures that we can use our profits to develop new services and products and to improve existing services and products. Arbo Unie is established at Nevelgaarde 42, 3436 ZZ Nieuwegein. The processing of personal data by Arbo Unie is reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority under number 1222165.

  3. Which of my data do you process and why?

    In order to conduct surveys via Performer, Arbo Unie usually processes some personal data (including name, date of birth, gender, and email address) that is provided by your employer. This data is used to prepare and make available the survey (one or more questionnaires) to you.

    We combine your answers to the questions in the Performer survey and give a result and/or advice based on them.

    Arbo Unie processes this data for the use of the online Performer survey with the aim of improving your employability. Arbo Unie continuously strives to improve its quality. Therefore, we may use your answers to do scientific research and thus improve the questionnaires. The data is anonymised.

  4. Do you provide my data to my employer?

    We never provide your answers to your employer. Your employer will not know whether you participated in a voluntary survey. The data is anonymized and aggregated for reporting to your employer. 

  5. Will my data be provided to anyone outside Arbo Unie?

    We set high requirements for ensuring our clients’ privacy and do not provide your data to third parties. However, Arbo Unie is authorised to engage third parties, which are allowed to carry out certain (parts of ) processing operations as set out in this declaration (“Processors”) under our surveillance, for example, an IT supplier. These Processors always act under our responsibility and may not under any circumstances use your data for other purposes. With these Processors, we enter into a so-called Processing Agreement, which fully safeguards your privacy.

  6. Do you secure my data?

    When processing your data, we maintain a technical and organisational security level according to a state-of-the art level of security to secure your data adequately at all times.

  7. Is the survey mandatory for me?

    That depends on the types of survey. Many surveys take place on a voluntary basis. But there are sometimes exceptions, such as for a function test. We will make this known to you. 

  8. Can I see which of my data you are processing and can I correct this data?

    Yes, you can ask us for access to your data. You can send an email to for this purpose. If the data processed by us contains inaccuracies, which we do not hope, you can request us to change this data.

  9. What happens to my data after my employment ends or my employer terminates the contract with Arbo Unie?

    Arbo Unie does not store your data longer than necessary. Different retention periods apply for different surveys. If there are no legal minimum retention period specified, Arbo Unie will keep your data for a maximum of 3 years. For the Preventive Medical Examination (PMO or PAGO) Arbo Unie is bound by law to a minimum retention period of 20 years. 

  10. Purpose limitation

    Arbo Unie will only process the data collected in Performer for the purpose for which it was collected. If Arbo Unie would like to process your data otherwise, you will first be asked for consent.

  11. What is your responsibility?

    • Arbo Unie assumes that you answer the questions in the Performer survey about your situation to the best of your knowledge.

    • The login data provided to you are strictly personal. You are responsible for only using this login data yourself and not allowing it to become available to third parties.

    • You are responsible for the lawful use of login data and Performer, as well as for the lawfulness of the information you sent and/or stored through it and will accept all the costs and/or damage resulting from this.

    • As soon as you know or have reasons to suspect that (parts of) your login data has been disclosed to unauthorised persons, you must inform Arbo Unie in writing immediately, but at least within 24 hours.

    • You yourself are responsible for the security of your email account. After receipt, emails are preferably not stored in an email programme, but removed immediately.

  12. How do you take care of maintenance, adaptation and improvement of Performer?

    Arbo Unie reserves the right to temporarily shut down Performer for maintenance, adaptation or improvement of Performer and/or the associated systems and/or to remedy any faults.

  13. What if we have a dispute?

    These User Conditions are governed by Dutch law. The User Conditions do not affect mandatory rights of the User as an employee.

    Any disputes concerning these User Conditions will be referred to the court which is competent under Dutch law. In case the User is the employer and customer of Arbo Unie, this will be the competent court in Utrecht.

  14. Who do the intellectual property rights belong to?

    All intellectual property rights concerning Performer will remain with Arbo Unie or its licensors. Arbo Unie hereby grants only a (sub)licence for the duration of the Service Contract concluded with your employer (or until the time your employer cancels its use). The licence is not exclusive and not transferable.

  15. Thank you for this information, but I have some questions. Who can answer these questions?

    If you miss any information or if you have any questions about and/or comments on the above, do not hesitate to contact Arbo Unie by email at